Factors that affect the working efficiency of the slitting machine and daily maintenance

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Factors that affect the working efficiency of the slitting machine and daily maintenance

Slitting machine is a mechanical equipment that cuts wide paper, mica tape or film into narrow strips, and is often used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape, printing and packaging machinery, etc.

At present, slitting machines are used in many industries: non-woven fabrics, mica tape, paper, insulating materials and various film materials, especially suitable for the slitting of narrow strips (non-woven fabrics, paper, insulating materials, mica tape, films, etc.).

Factors affecting the working efficiency of slitting machine:

When it comes to the working efficiency of the automatic slitting machine, many people think that the working efficiency of the slitting machine is only related to the speed of the slitting machine. This is not the case. The working efficiency of the automatic slitting machine is related to the following factors: slitting speed, output, non-operation occupation time, stability, etc. The cutting speed is an important indicator of the working efficiency of the slitting machine, but if the output is low, it will not only lead to low working efficiency of the whole machine, but also lead to an increase in cost.

If the non-operation takes a long time, such as adjusting the machine, setting the tool, changing the tool, changing the material, connecting the joint, changing the roll, and solving the problem, it is meaningless to simply increase the speed of the slitter. Not to mention the stability of the slitting machine, it will not only affect the working efficiency of the slitting machine and affect the product quality, but also bring trouble and unnecessary waste to the next process. Therefore, the working efficiency of the slitting machine is a comprehensive concept.

In the slitting process, the stable tension system is an important indicator to ensure product quality. The mutual tension between uncoiling, traction, slitting and rewinding is controlled, so that the slitted material is always in a stable state during the slitting process. If the tension is properly controlled, the deformation and drift of the raw material during the acceleration and deceleration of the machine can be avoided. In general, the unwinding tension is slightly greater than the sum of the winding tensions.

The daily maintenance of the slitting machine should do the following five points:

1. Regular cleaning and inspection: The electrical part should be cleaned and inspected regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in time.

2. Use high-quality knives: The use of slitting machine is done by slitting machine and cross-cutting machine, so use high-quality slitting knife and cross-cutting machine.

3. Daily maintenance should be in place: the guidelines are: smooth, clean, and dust removal (no debris) should be in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

4. Do a good job of maintenance: stop checking rotating parts regularly and irregularly (especially stop real-time monitoring of vulnerable parts). Implement regular adjustment, replace the commutator regularly, and make detailed records to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of the equipment.

5. Professional and technical training for operators: improve the technical quality and degree of slitting machine operators, designate a special person to control local operations, and no one shall operate without permission.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the slitting machine and reduce the wear and tear of parts, users need to maintain the machine frequently to ensure its working accuracy and prolong its service life. That's all for the maintenance of the slitting machine.