What are the main parts of the slitting machine?

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What are the main parts of the slitting machine?

The slitting machine is mainly used to cut large reel mother rolls into products of various widths, which can check the quality of the products. The paper slitting machine is composed of a frame, a conveying system, a receiving and unwinding machine and a tension control device, a traction assembly, a slitting bracket and a discharge device. So what do you know about the main structure of the slitting machine?

1. Receiving mechanism and its tension device: The receiving mechanism of the slitting machine is mainly composed of synchronous belt, synchronous wheel, magnetic particle clutch, and inflatable shaft.

2. Slitting knife holder: The slitting knife holder has round knife slitting and flat knife slitting, and the operating handle can make the round knife move in a slight axial direction through the plane cam to adjust the shear gap between the cutting edge of the round knife and the groove of the cushion sleeve.

3. Traction component: The traction component is mainly composed of a pair of traction rubber rollers and a number of hard oxidized aluminum rollers, which play a role in pulling raw materials and walking for finished product winding.

4. Frame and transmission system: The frame is composed of left and right wall panels and support blocks and discharging machinery, the transmission system is mainly used to pull raw materials, rewind finished products, it is powered by the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation motor through the motor V-belt to make the traction rubber roller run, the main traction rubber roller and the driven traction rubber roller close to each other and synchronous operation to pull the raw materials to walk.

The slitting machine needs to slitting the whole roll or the whole sheet of raw materials to a fixed length, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, films, leather, wood chips, etc.