Daily maintenance and regular maintenance of slitting machine

07. April, 2024|delish|0Views

Daily maintenance and regular maintenance of slitting machine

The slitting machine is only maintained and maintained during the use of the equipment. Due to the long vibration time of the slitter during operation, the parts may become loose. In order for the slitter to run well, check the following issues within a certain time:

1. The transmission device of the slitting machine, such as the gear chain, needs to be buttered after a period of time.

2, The knife is usually not a problem, the consumable part is nothing more than a pinion, if in addition to the printing knife is easy to break, the wool roller will be thin load after a year and a half, and it needs to be shipped back to the factory for transformation, the knife If the steel roller embossing device needs to be replaced by the embossing mode, you need the boat steel roller to go back to the original factory to modify it, it will not cost too much money.

3. Pay attention to the voltage to be stable, otherwise it is easy to burn out the motor; Pay attention to hygiene, and the slitting machine should not let debris fall between the steel roller and the wool roller.