What problems may occur during the use of barcode ribbons?

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What problems may occur during the use of barcode ribbons?

1. The main reason for the deviation of the barcode ribbon in the printing of the barcode printer is the uneven pressure spring and the paper limiter is not adjusted according to the width of the tab, but not the poor quality of the barcode ribbon slitting.

2. The printing is not clear and the quality is poor

3. The temperature of the print head is too low or the printing density is too light

4. The print head is installed incorrectly

5. There is always a shallow thin line on the barcode label printed by the barcode printer

If there is such a problem with your barcode printer, it proves that you have not done a good job in the maintenance of the barcode printer.

When one or more lines appear on the card that run through the entire card, your print head may be damaged. The reason for this problem is that there are large dust particles on the card surface or in your machine, which causes the print head to come into contact with dust particles while punching in, thus scratching the print head.

6. There will occasionally be some spots on the label printed by the barcode printer

If you have some spots on your card, it is because your printer has dust that needs to be cleaned promptly. It is recommended that you use a special cleaning tool when cleaning, which can well protect the barcode printer from damage.

If your printer is not cleaned for a long time, there will be some large dust particles inside the printer, which will scratch your print head when you clock in, causing irreparable damage to the print head.

Card printers work on the same principle, keep the card surface neat and clean when punching in (wipe one side of each card with an eye cloth before printing), so that the printed card will not be flawed.


1. The strap is not properly wrapped around the machine

2. The temperature setting is incorrect

3. The pressure and balance settings of the print head are incorrect

4. The media does not set the paper feed amount correctly


1. Reinstall the media properly

2. Adjust the printing temperature to meet the printing requirements as much as possible

3. Re-set the small pressure required for printing

4. Re-set the correct amount of paper to be fed by the media

When the barcode machine prints the cloth label (tape), some models of the barcode will appear ribbon and cloth label sticked together, and after the cloth label is pulled down from the ribbon, the content on the cloth label becomes very blurry.

How to distinguish the quality of thermal transfer ribbon from the quality evaluation specification of barcode ribbon, it can usually be seen from the following aspects:

1. Carbon tape needle hole (bubble): formed due to the ink is not evenly coated. It will form incomplete words when printing.

2. Wrinkled ribbon: Due to the problem of the tension control system during slitting, it will cause no words to be printed on a small area on the ribbon. Because the melting temperature of the two layers of carbon strips is much greater than the temperature of one layer, the carbon strip is blank: because the light film is not treated well, it will form an incomplete blank that is larger than the out.

4. The tolerance of the inner diameter of the paper core is too large or too small: the ribbon can not be loaded into the barcode printer or the shaft cannot be built.

5. If the temperature is too high during transportation, carbon ribbons will be formed and stuck together.

6. Whether the paper core has a running edge: it will form a broken belt, and the margin cannot be printed.

7. The ribbon length is not good.

8. When the ribbon is processed, the wrapping is too tight or too relaxed, so that the ribbon cannot be deployed with the barcode printer when it is running.

9. Shoddy, the wax base component is too high, and the resin component is too small, so that the advantages of the mixed base cannot be shown. Generally speaking, it is necessary to pick

It is not a simple matter to buy a good and suitable barcode ribbon, different barcode printers have different printing preferences, plus different printing media, it will affect the printing effect.

Nowadays, the quotation of ribbon can be said to be more and more popular with the domestic processing capacity, the quotation is getting lower and lower, to purchase cheap and easy-to-use ribbon, there must indeed be a real person in the line to guide, otherwise the bad printing effect directly affects the image of the product.

In addition, a small number of imported barcode printers are specified to use special printing ribbons, which are not necessarily significantly better than general printing functions, and their ribbon quotations are very valuable, which is necessary to pay special attention to the local area when purchasing barcode printers. Due to the fact that the price of general-purpose thermal transfer ribbons is now lower than that of inkjet printing, and the same as the toner of laser printers.