What are the operation steps of the slitter

19. April, 2024|delish|0Views

What are the operation steps of the slitter

The slitting machine is a kind of equipment used for cutting and cutting various paper, film and other materials, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and energy saving. We also have a general understanding of the operation steps of the slitting machine, and there are many points to be paid attention to in the operation, so let's talk about the operation steps of the slitting machine.

1. Remove the fixtures on both sides of the tool holder shaft, remove the tool holder shaft, and adjust the distance between the tool holders according to the size of the slitting products required by the slitting plan;

2. Adjust the handwheel on the tool holder shaft to align the blade on the blade shaft with the knife groove on the tool holder, and then slowly put down the blade shaft through the handwheel on the blade shaft, pay attention to the gap between the blade and the knife groove in the process of putting down, try to make the blade center and put it down, and the process of putting it down can not be too fast, so as not to damage the blade if the blade is not put into the knife groove, and after the blade is all into the knife groove, the blade is fixed close to the knife seat in turn. After fixing the fixing screws at both ends of the blade shaft, the blades will not run out of the tool groove at high speed or material joints;

3. Adjust the handwheel on the toolholder shaft to separate the toolholder shaft from the blade shaft, loosen the fixture of the blade shaft, and re-fix the blade shaft after installing the corresponding number of blades;