What are the common components of the slitting machine

20. April, 2024|delish|0Views

What are the common components of the slitting machine

To understand some common structures of the slitting machine, we also have to be roughly clear about the structure, so let's talk about the common composition of the slitting machine.

1. Frame and transmission system: composed of wall plate and brace discharging machinery, the transmission system is mainly used to traction packaging materials, and the rubber roller is driven by a frequency conversion stepless motor, and when the slitting machine blade is driven by the active traction roller, the slitting processing is successfully completed, and the high-quality slitting machine blade can meet better slitting requirements;

2. Receiving mechanism and tension device: The receiving mechanism is mainly composed of synchronous belt, synchronous wheel, magnetic particle clutch, and inflatable shaft, which is used to change the tension of the receiving shaft;

3. Traction components: mainly composed of traction rubber rollers and aluminum rollers, which play a role in collecting raw materials for winding of finished products;

4. Slitting knife holder: The slitting knife holder has a slitting machine blade, and the shearing gap between the cutting edge of the round knife and the groove of the cushion sleeve is adjusted by the circular knife for a small amount of axial movement;