Basic knowledge of regular maintenance and maintenance of slitting machine

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Basic knowledge of regular maintenance and maintenance of slitting machine

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the slitter and prolong the life of the equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance are essential. This article will introduce you to some important slitter care and maintenance measures to help you keep your equipment up and running and improve production efficiency.

Cleaning & Lubrication:

1.1 Regular cleaning: During use, the internal and external cleaning of the slitting machine should be carried out regularly. Remove dust, dirt, and debris from surfaces and keep electrical components dry and clean.

1.2 Lubrication maintenance: Lubricate the moving parts and sliding surfaces of the slitting machine according to the guidance of the operation manual. Regularly check the cleanliness and lubrication effect of the lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system.

Tool maintenance:

2.1 Regularly inspect the cutting tools: Regularly check the wear and tear of the cutting machine knives. Check the sharpness and integrity of the cutting knife, and replace the severely worn knife in time to ensure the cutting quality and operation safety.

2.2 Correct adjustment of cutting pressure: Adjust the cutting pressure according to the characteristics and requirements of the material, and avoid too high or too low cutting pressure to protect the tool and material, and ensure the accuracy and smoothness of cutting.

Electrical System Inspection:

3.1 Regularly inspect the electrical components: Regularly inspect the electrical components of the slitting machine, such as wires, plugs, switches, etc., to ensure that its operating status is normal and there is no damage and short circuit. Replace aging or damaged electrical components in time to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

3.2 Maintain good grounding: Make sure that the grounding connection of the slitting machine is good to reduce the accumulation of static electricity and the occurrence of electrical accidents. Regularly inspect the connections of the grounding system and repair any bad connections in a timely manner.

Scheduled Maintenance Schedule:

Develop a regular maintenance plan, and make a reasonable inspection, maintenance and maintenance schedule according to the frequency of use of the slitter and the working environment. Lubrication, tool changes, electrical system inspections and cleaning are included in the maintenance plan.


Through regular maintenance and maintenance measures, the service life of the slitting machine can be prolonged, and the stability and performance of the equipment can be improved. Keeping your equipment clean and lubricated, regularly inspecting your tools and electrical systems, and having a regular maintenance schedule are all critical steps in ensuring proper equipment operation and increased productivity. Proper care and maintenance will help you maximize the potential of your slitter, reduce the risk of failure, and improve production efficiency and product quality.