The range of use of high-speed slitting machine

22. May, 2024|delish|0Views

The range of use of high-speed slitting machine

The high-speed slitting machine is mainly the main operating equipment for paper manufacturers, because the high-speed operation of many manufacturers also prefer, which is also a kind of improvement in work efficiency, but not all slitting can be completed with high-speed slitting machine, let's talk about what the use of high-speed slitting machine includes?

Slitting range: slitting using various types of paper; Such as: cardboard, coated paper, aluminum foil, cultural paper, kraft, offset paper, tobacco wrapping paper and other commonly used papers. The paper range is 50-550g and can be cut.

It is suitable for large and medium-sized papermaking, printing, packaging, paper processing and slitting manufacturers; The web is cut into flat sheets of the desired width. And the slitting speed can reach more than 300m/min. One machine multi-purpose automatic touch screen input data striping.

the slitting method of the machine; Traditional flat cutting can no longer be satisfied, and the demand for high-precision, high-quality paper slitting. The more precise and fast is the slitting method of double knife rotation and single knife rotation.

Before starting the operation, respond to the machine inspection to see if there are parts of the machine to see the detection of damage; Check if the power supply is powered on when it is powered on. After the inspection is completed, the machine is working normally, and the operator should keep a certain interval between the machine.