What are the advantages of the slitting machine

25. May, 2024|delish|0Views

What are the advantages of the slitting machine

The advantage of the slitting machine is also very obvious, the slitting machine has an edge cutting device, and the edge material is discharged by the fan; The products are distinguished by the survival of the fittest, and today's manufacturers are not satisfied with the status quo, but with the development of science and technology in continuous innovation, has been widely used.

Product advantages of slitting machine:

1. The slitting machine can have two winding methods: surface winding and center winding;

2. The unwinding tension of the slitting machine adopts automatic tension;

3. The round knife slitting of the slitting machine is reliable in quality and easy to adjust;

4. The unwinding photoelectric deviation correction of the slitting machine has high precision; There are two gears: manual and automatic;

5. The slitting machine adopts surface center coiling, and the coiling quality is uniform and stable;

6. The slitting machine can be automatically stopped at fixed length, and the length can be automatically metered;