Precautions for the operation of the slitting machine

24. May, 2024|delish|0Views

Precautions for the operation of the slitting machine

For the slitting machine, it is very important to operate reasonably, so what do you need to pay attention to when running the slitting machine?

In the production process, in order to ensure the good operation of the slitter, the staff needs to follow the corresponding operating rules. When starting the equipment, it should be started at no load, and the production operation can be officially started after a period of trial operation to confirm that there is no abnormality. Only by ensuring the normal operation of the equipment can the stability of the production operation be ensured. In daily work, a special person should be arranged to be responsible for the management of the slitting machine, and other personnel are not allowed to operate the equipment at will. During the work, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation status of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is used in the correct way. After the production task is completed, we should shut down the slitter as required and then cut off the main power supply. And after the equipment completely stops running, the work site must be cleaned up before leaving.

Therefore, during the operation of the slitting machine, it is necessary to meet these requirements to ensure its good performance.