What matters should be paid attention to for the slitting machine

12. March, 2024|delish|0Views

What matters should be paid attention to for the slitting machine

The use of slitting machine slitting effect is still very good, which for the attention of the knife or there are many, common precautions we still have to do a good job of understanding, let's talk about the next slitting machine for knife need to pay attention to what?

The process of cutting the cutter is not complicated, but it is necessary to first determine the difference between the end faces of the two cutter axes, and find the reference sleeve to fix it. Whether the effect of the slitting machine can be fully played out is also related to the way of the row knife, because of the lack of understanding we do not know how the row knife of the slitting machine, so we can not judge it.

According to the cutting width row knife, generally the upper is the inner knife, the lower is the outer knife, that is, the left and right sides of the upper two knives are shear planes, and the inner sides of the lower two knives are shear planes. In addition to the position of the knife, the control of the knife gap is also very important, usually according to the thickness of the material as the base count, 0.5mm thick material gap in 0.03mm. In order to reduce the error, it is better to use a dial gauge when installing the knife to measure whether its beat is guaranteed within 0.01-0.02mm.

When the slitting machine rows, we should all pay more attention to the above rows of knives, and the correct rows of our slitting machine are what we all need.