How to operate the paper slitting machine proficiently?

25. March, 2024|delish|0Views

How to operate the paper slitting machine proficiently?

The use of paper slitting machine We know that the slitting effect of paper is still very good, but we also have to learn a lot of operation methods in the operation, so let's talk about how to operate the paper slitting machine skillfully?

1. The spindle must be stopped before the speed change, and the gear should be meshed when the speed is changed. When it is found that the machine tool is abnormal, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

2. Before cutting, you need to adjust the tool and clamp the working object, and the length of the clamping part should not be less than 50 mm. The parking baffle should be fixed, and after clamping, loosening, forward, backward and other sequential tests, you can work on it.

3. The dust removal device should be in good condition before cutting.

4. No one should stand in the direction of workpiece inlet and outlet.

5. When the machine tool is rotating, no part of the human body shall touch the transmission parts. When operating, the cuffs should be tied well, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to work. The human head should deviate from the direction of cutting.

6. When adjusting the tool, measuring the workpiece, lubricating and cleaning the pipe head, it must be stopped.

7. When using the grinding wheel slitting machine, the grinding wheel should be checked in advance for defects, cracks, moisture, and whether the power cord is reliable.